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esfm Luis Alberto Cisneros Ake

Profesor Titular C, TC

Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI): nivel II,

Member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Premio Investigación IPN

Premio a la investigación 2012 en el IPN:
Investigación desarrollada por investigadores jóvenes

Fulbright-García Robles: Visiting Scholar 2018-2019

Department of Mathematics
Escuela Superíor de Física y Matemáticas
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Edificio 9, Office 342
Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos
07738 México D. F., México



General Research Interests: Nonlinear Wave Phenomena

My Hubbies: Swimming , diving
Meine Hubbies: Schwimmen
, Tauchen

True Laws of Nature cannot be linear....
Albert Einstein
Our present analytical methods seem unsuitable for the solution of the important
problems arising in connection with nonlinear partial differential
equations and, in fact, with virtually all types of nonlinear problems in pure
mathematics. The truth of this statement is particularly striking in the field
of fluid dynamics. . . .
John Von Neumann
. . . as Sir Cyril Hinshelwood has observed . . . fluid dynamicists were divided
into hydraulic engineers who observed things that could not be explained
and mathematicians who explained things that could not be observed...
James Lighthill
However varied may be the imagination of man, nature is a thousand times
richer, . . . Each of the theories of physics . . . presents (partial differential)
equations under a new aspect . . . without these theories, we should not know
partial differential equations....
Henri Poincaré

KP InteractionPolaron formation...